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marți, 23 decembrie 2014

Asociaţia Tinerilor Creştini Ortodocşi Gherla vesteşte Naşterea Domnului, Gherla- Cluj-Napoca- Floreşti, 22 Decembrie 2014

2 comentarii:

  1. Beautiful photo report. Merry Christmas
    and the coming year.


  2. Beautiful series of photographs and delightful in Christmas mood
    Thank you for all your lovely comments of the past year.

    Also for you and all your loved ones around you, some very merry Christmas and a beautiful, happy and especially healthy 2015.
    That we may enjoy in the new year of each other's beautiful natural moments.

    Kind regards,, Helma
    ✰ ☆ ҉‿ ☆ ҉⁀ ☆ ҉


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