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luni, 17 iunie 2013

Lansare de carte Cornel Udrea, Iulian Dămăcuş şi Expoziţia FotoClubului Gherla, 16 Iunie 2013

Mulţumiri lui Ovidiu Nagy!

4 comentarii:

  1. Hi Ioan, congratulation to you on the photography exhibition. Keep up the good work, 2 thumbs up for you. I'm impressed. (✿◠‿◠)

    Have a great day ahead.

  2. Hello Ioan
    Your pictures show my always a lot of interesting thing from your country.
    Greetings Bets

  3. It is a book presentatatie and there you have some really nice pictures of it. I just do not understand quite what picture 6 there between doing.
    Regards, Helma

  4. De cand am vazut prima data fotografia harnicei albine am stiut ca va ajunge departe. Felicitari! Imi plac mult fotografiile tale.


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